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This is the stuff,’ Ryan says, in aisle two of four. Then he piles them on the countertop. Kazoozles atop Nerds Ropes, twin packs of Hi-Chews, green apple and grape. He also feels strongly about Haribos, especially the multiflavored bag. ‘I like to call this the next level of candy,’ he says, with a thready graveness in his voice, either mocking seriousness or giving, in fact, a serious mocking. Over and over again, he uses his eyes to say: Are you with me? More enthusiasm, even as he goes on. ‘Hi-Chews! Look at these! It’s the candy that never quits on you. This candy is always worth the price. There used to be a candy called Bonkers, which I believe to be the greatest candy of all time.’ He pours coffee for both of us, with as much sugar as he can get in, and turns to the register before he continues. A girl stands at one end of the aisle, holding her phone up for a photo of him unaware. ‘For some reason, they discontinued Bonkers. These are good, you’ll see,’ he says, holding up the Hi-Chews. Then he hands me my coffee and says with a smile, ‘Sugar till you die.’ —from the Esquire interview with Ryan (via simplygosling)

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February 14th, 2014 - Ryan out & about

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Molly you’ve got to wake the fuck up… this is the big leagues…it’s mean…and when you make mistakes you lose your right to play.

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Ryan Gosling, photographed by Art Streiber for New York Magazine, December 13, 2010.

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i thought ryan and eva had split up and wasnt he seen the other day with a blonde girl?? im so confused sorry for any bother!!

This blonde? Looks kind of like his sister Mandi.

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Ryan and Eva are no longer together. Ryan is currently in Canada to have a break from his career and spend time with his family.

If I’d just broken up with someone I probably wouldn’t let them drive my car, in LA. [x

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Does Ryan live primarily in LA or NYC?

Ryan’s been in hiding, so I don’t really know where he’s been at - I’m assuming he’s been editing/working on his movie but I’m not really keeping track of the where/when. Unlike some, I don’t really feel the need to stalk his every move, so when Ryan’s not out and about being spotted, I’m not googling his whereabouts. I assume he spends a lot of time in LA, with Eva, I haven’t seen pictures of him in New York for awhile. :)

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