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This just another blog dedicated to the brilliant, Ryan Gosling. If you want me to see something that you've edited, please be sure to use the tag 'rgosling' ~ KP. (online)

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How can anyone be 100% straight like come on

100% this ^ ;)

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a lesbian runs a ryan gosling blog?

Why couldn’t a lesbian run a Ryan Gosling blog? Anybody of any gender/sexual orientation/species could appreciate Ryan. You don’t have to want to fuck Ryan, to know that he’s an amazing actor, talent and all around brilliant human being. (PS. I’m 99% straight. I just have exceptions. Sophia Bush or Rachel McAdams anyone?)

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Favorite badass characters: The Driver

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"The scorpion was a visual representation of the scorpion and the frog fable. Yet there’s obviously this emotional side to Driver that makes him not only fall in love, but be willing to make a sacrifice. Making that sacrifice is sort of done by making the scorpion side come out. And the scene in the elevator is a turning point: There’s no going back. There’s no, ‘That’s not really me.’ She sees a side that had to come out in order to protect her, and she can’t embrace it. He knows she’ll never embrace it, and their relationship will stay one of sacrifice. Framing the scorpion without his head, it shows you that it will be the controller of his destiny." - Director of Photography, Newton Thomas Sigel on this shot.

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are you and howtocatchagosling together irl?

It’s what she said - but “irl” we are actually separated by a lot of ocean. I was with her at Christmas? :P

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I’m not that good looking. I’m a pretty weird looking guy.

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This gif set I fondly refer to as 'how i wish i spent my valentines day'  (special shoutout to my love, howtocatchagosling)

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He’s generous and sweet and no-bullshit and he had no weird antics. He just works the way I like to work, too. I thought, ‘This just feels like home’. Bradley talking about Ryan

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